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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Intuitive article about the famed Jeep Grand Cherokee and reliable transmission options to keep your jeep always running smoothly.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a type of Mid-size SUV with a very unibody chassis, first produced in 1993 and with ten generations to date. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was originally made as a trim level for Jeep Cherokee and is now included in the Jeep line-up. These cars are reputable as fun, off-road vehicles with strong engines and have some of the best jeep grand Cherokee transmission for sale.

Despite the rising popularity of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the many years of production, there are faults that have been persistent for certain models’ years. Jeep Grand Cherokee has some transmission issues. It is critical to ensure that your Jeep’s engine and transmission are up to standard; otherwise, you risk harming yourself or others.

Remanufactured or Rebuilt Trans of Jeep Grand Cherokee

When it comes to transmission issues, some models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are most affected, such as 2015, 2014, and the 2011 models. The transmission of these models causes the transmission to stop working, causes it to grind or shift very roughly, and in some cases, drivers are unable to shift between or control gears.

Transmission issues cause your car’s transmission shifts at will, rather than when it is supposed to, which makes you lose control of the car, leading to accidents. With the surge of transmission issues, it comes to a point when a repair is not an option, and if you don’t have finances for a new car, then get reman or rebuilt transmissions.

Remanufactured transmissions result in re-machining or replacing all worn out parts with new OEM parts, not just the dysfunctional parts. Reman transmissions come with a remanufactured and improved torque converter, which is tested for balance, leaks, concentricity, and lock up, as well as a no-hassle nationwide warranty. Rebuilt transmissions replace the worn-out and defective components of your tranny, sometimes with parts from donor vehicles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines

Most Grand Cherokees come with standard V6 engines unless you opt for the V8. The Grand Cherokee offers several options based on your needs, and the engine is very modest for a modest surge in fuel economy, just like the Ford Explorer, which has a twin-turbo V6.

The standard engine option for a Jeep Grand Cherokee is the 3.6-liter V6 base engine with 295 horsepower, a 260-pound feet torque, and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The standard V6 engine is made to muscle through light-duty towing and daily driving, while the 360 horsepower V8 allows for a snappier acceleration for both areas.

The jeep Grand Cherokee engines are mated with an eight-speed transmission to enable a quick and smooth gears change. The Grand Cherokee has offered a range of engines; straight 6, V6, V8, and turbo diesel engines throughout history, but the best option is definitely not one of the diesels.

The Jeep Grand Cherokees of the last decade are most recommendable, as they don’t have other jeep transmission issues like the previous models The new models have an off-road ability and a range of potent V and V8 engines for swift acceleration. These models have a firm ride quality and fairly tiresome handling, even compared to the Ford.

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