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GMC Acadia

Replacement transmission options for the GMC Acadia, explained.

Some of the favorite cars in America are made by GMC, and anyone who has gone shopping for an SUV might have considered this car. This car has its fair share of advantages and problems, given that it was designed in 2007 as a better fuel-efficient alternative to the traditional SUV model, hence the need for Acadia transmission rebuilt

The GMC Acadia is an all drive automobile with a selection of V6 engines, making it a reasonable choice for people looking for a reasonable and affordable fuel economy and full-size capability. The initial GMC Acadia models were fitted with the 6- speed 6T75 transmission, which has had several issues.

Transmission of GMC Acadia

Even though this model had been the most popular in its class since its first generation in 2007, some severe issues concern consumers. GMC Acadia has problems with its engines and transmissions, both of which have plagued GMC Acadia for a long time. This automobile was designed as a premium alternative to the standard 3-row family cabins. The new GMCs got a new 6-speed automatic, potent 3.6L V6 engine, making it very easy to gain momentum. Despite the ease of transmission in this car, the gearbox has a habit of shifting and self-destructing. As such, owners of GMC Acadia are forced to result to remanufactured GMC Acadia transmission.


When the moving parts of a GMC Acadia are making more friction heat than the AFT can get rid of, overheating occurs. This can happen when you tow in places where transmission needs to keep shifting. When the transmission is overfilled with a lot of AFT, transmission overheating results in broken valve bodies, clutches, and torque converters ruptured seals. This transmission problem can be solved by installing an auxiliary transmission cooler in your car.

Bad shift solenoid

GMC Acadia cars have a problem with a lousy shifting solenoid caused by the wire coil through which the current is sent to activate the solenoid shorts out. When this happens, or if there is excessive vibration, the solenoid may fail, and it can be stressful to replace.

Failed wave plates

Broken waves are a common issue with the 6T75E transmission of GMC Acadia. The wave plates are metal disks that keep the gears locked together when shifting. If broken, this plate's metal fragments hurl through the gearbox, which damages the internal parts. This transmission problem can be solved using a remanufactured GMC Acadia transmission.

Remanufactured, new, or rebuilt transmissions for your GMC Acadia?

When encountering transmission problems with your GMC Acadia, you should learn GMC INFO, you can either decide to have it repaired or buy a new one or even have a remanufactured one. Transmission is one of the most critical and expensive repairs you can do, and it can fail many times for different reasons. It is more reasonable to replace a broken transmission than to repair it, mostly because repairing or rebuilding transmissions will need a labor force as well.

Repairing a broken transmission involves replacing the damaged transmission parts only, while rebuilt means disassembling the whole transmission. Rebuilding GMC Acadia transmissions is very time consuming, and it is demanding as much. It is also very costly depending on the extent of damage, manual vs. automatic transmission, your car's style, dealership, and your location. The most common transmission repairs are transmission leaks and fluid flush, but solenoid replacement and linage replacement or tightening are common.

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