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    Informative article on the re-known 4R100 Transmission.


    Are you having problems with your Ford F250 transmission? Are you trying to determine if a 4R100 replacement transmission should be rebuilt or remanufactured? Let's discuss the difference between a remanufactured and rebuilt transmission.

    A "remanufactured" or "reman" transmission is a unit that has had work done on all the original parts to bring the quality level to the standard of a new transmission. Because it is much more thorough, it is commonly considered a "new" transmission.

    A "rebuilt" transmission only has the problem parts fixed or replaced.


    The transmission is essential in drag racing if equipped with air shifted manual valve bodies and transbrakes. It is widely used in off-road vehicles because of its reputation as being almost indestructible. But its performance is significantly reduced because of its fuel mileage, as it takes a great deal of power to operate.


    The 4R100 transmission was previously the E40D, which was introduced in 1989 and used in light and heavy-duty applications. The E40D had four forward speeds with an electronic shift control that replaced the C6 hydraulic governor control mechanism. The E40D transmission was used on the following vehicles:

    • Ford Bronco 1990-1996
    • Ford E-Series 1989-1998
    • Ford Expedition 1997-1998
    • Ford F-Series 1989-1998
    • SVT Lightning 1993-1995

    In 1998, Ford updated the E40D and renamed it the 4R100. It was basically the same as the E40D but had some changes to the internal components that addressed the durability concerns present when used with the powerful Powerstroke Diesel Engine. In 1999, they added a PTO for auxiliary equipment attached to heavy-duty vehicles. It was installed on the following vehicles:

    • Ford E Series 1997-2004
    • Ford Excursion 2000-2003
    • Ford Expedition, with 5.4 V-8, 1999-2003
    • Ford F-150 7700 Series (LEV-low emissions vehicles only)
    • Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition
    • Ford Lightning (F150 SVT) 1999-2004
    • Ford Super Duty 1999-2003

    Let's discuss the reliability of both transmissions. Because rebuilt transmissions are repaired with used components, and while they perform as you would expect, the parts are not new ones.


    The remanufactured components are re-created with new parts, which essentially makes them like new. A reman transmission is installed in a verified and authorized repair shop, while rebuilt transmissions can be from any repair shop, verified or unverified. A remanufactured transmission will go through a testing process prior to leaving the repair shop.


    So while both rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions might be compatible with your vehicle, a remanufactured product is more reliable and higher in quality, therefore more reliable.


    Also, a remanufactured transmission usually comes with a factory warranty that can span three years. The warranty period can be longer and is not limited to mileage.


    The warranty for a rebuilt transmission is quite basic, but the repair costs are covered for up to 12 months. But if the transmission fails, you may not be able to have it repaired in the shop of your choice.


    If you are experiencing Ford F250 transmission problems, look for remanufactured transmissions "for sale near me." https://reman-transmission.com/transmissions/ford The cost will be significantly less than new, and you will find that your vehicle has become more reliable. And installing a remanufactured transmission, opposed to a rebuilt transmission, will also increase the value of your vehicle should you decide to trade or sell.


    More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_C6_transmission


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